Saturday, March 14, 2009

A "warm" March Morning

Good Morning! We ordered pizza for delivery last night. We live in the Logan Square/Avondale area of Chicago, and are just a few streets too far away to get the excellent Chicago pizza delivered to us. My favorite pizza is Lou Malnatis. They have about 7 Chicago locations and quite a few suburban locations. Lou Malnatis even ships pizza to various parts of the country. None of them, however, deliver to our apartment. We live in an abyss of delivery zones. SO, it is usual that we order from a new pizza place every time to try and find our new favorite. Unfortunately over the past 2 years we've lived in this neighborhood it hasn't happened. I've gone from loving pizza to crossing my fingers we get edible pizza. :( ONE more reason to move next year!

This morning has lots of optimism because it's about 10 degrees warmer than yesterday, so the windows are wide open for the cats to gawk at the birds. I began the day with a nice looking bowl of cereal ---My favorite is Honey Bunches of Oats topped with fruit, add some cream, add a spoonful of ground Flaxseed, pour in milk....and voila! I swear I started this blog just to have a reason to photograph food. A good photograph of food is really hard to get, but when you do, it is satisfying.
And of course Coffee. Anyone have a favorite brand of coffee? Please share. My favorite is Intelligentsia
More optimism(what a hard word to spell, by the way. It deserves 2 "p's" I think): the school I subbed at on Friday called me after school yesterday and wants me to sub again on Monday. yay=$$!
AND I have 4 more applications for Fall Art Teacher jobs i have to fill out this morning. This totals about 10 open art jobs for fall so far.....

Now to enjoy my coffee and work on application essays....


  1. Optimistic (I always want to spell it "optomistic")is a great way to start your day.. your week.. your year.. your life! Hope your application efforts bear fruit. And yay, can we count on seeing more pix of those great mansions from that neighborhood?

  2. Yes, i will bring my camera on Monday. I don't like lingering too long in the neighborhood because there are some unsavory characters lurking.....but I already have a house in mind i want a shot of. It has green tiles covering the facade...very cool looking!!

  3. As for coffee... we love Peet's Coffee. They even ship to St. Croix so we get it within 5 days of roasting. It is heavenly. Our favorite is their original "Major Dickinson's." We get very grumpy when we run out before the next shipment arrives. Thank goodness Paul and Sibylle also order from Peet's.