Friday, March 6, 2009

My afternoon at the Field and Shedd

Seeing that i'm unemployed, my day usually consists of job hunting, facebook updating, painting (some days) and planning dinner. That is IF I don't get called in to substitute at a school. Only being at home or at the supermarket gets kind of old, so today I changed things up a bit and went to The Field Museum and The Shedd Aquarium. I REALLY wanted to go to The Oriental Institute(I've never been!)..but having no car means 2 buses and a train....and that felt like too much effort today, by myself.
At the Field I saw the new Aztec exhibit. I have to say I'm usually disappointed in the Field exhibits...they try to cover so much information, in a summarized version....and Im always left wanting more. There were, however, a few really cool objects on display. There were these flint knives that had teeth on them, used in sacrifices. I love knives with teeth... seems so viscious in an animated kind of way, like little paranhas nipping at you or something! There was also a skull with a big flint knife as a sure also used in a violent manner. They didnt let me take pictures, but I pulled some images off the web to showcase my Aztec field trip. The Eagle Man was taller than me...look at the talons on his knees! Very cool.

The Shedd was a refreshing end. Sea turtles, glowing sea horses, and this reptile guy who deserves some credit for his amazing colors. I really love the photo I got of him! He kept making eye contact. :)

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