Friday, March 27, 2009

Broken Camera

This is the camera in its coffin.

In a household of 2 very visually minded people, we use our camera multiple times a day. Jason will go taring through the living room, exclaiming, "There's amazing light in the bedroom right now!", and proceed to snap away at some object brought to life by light. I will see Bamboo or Hugo doing something unbelievably adorable and capture the moment, or take photos of Jason sitting serenely on the couch.

So, as the above statement infers, our camera is akin to our daily cup of coffee. If we don't have our camera, we twitch away and get grumpy.

Our camera stopped working yesterday. It's 2 years old, a gift to us from my parents 2 years ago for Christmas.

We have bills to pay.

I am basically very unemployed.

We need a camera.

We will probably buy a camera instead of paying our heating bill.

Do you have a camera you love? Please share brands. Jason, of course, wants to upgrade to a digital with a fancy lens. I agree.


  1. Poor poor little camera! Amazing how it grew legs and a new face!

  2. Well, funny you should mention the need for a fancy digital because Adam just bought a Nikon D90 which has absolutely LOVES!! He goes out almost everyday to take photos with and the loves the quality and capabilities it offers. Also, it's the first DSLR to record video as well. He has one lens right now (18 to 105mm) but is thinking of getting another one. However, if you want more suggestions just send him an email ( b/c he'd be happy to share some more ideas and give you more in depth knowledge on his camera.