Monday, March 23, 2009

Monkey Boy got a Sweater

Bamboo, or "Monkey Boy" ---the husbands nickname for him after his haircut..., got a sweater. I know, I am shocked we actually are in the category of clothing an animal myself. It was actually the husbands idea. Bamboo was sheared of a few pounds of fur which he is really happy about by the way, prancing around like a kitten(to all you neigh sayers screaming animal abuse for shaving my cat!). Anyhow, it's still in the 40's here, and he seemed to be stuck in a little ball, attempting to stay warm. So, yesterday we hit Pet Smart and bought him an $8 old man sweater. It fits great! And he seems to like it, which i'm truly shocked by. I assumed he'd immediately try and get it off of his body..but instead, he curled up and started purring. !! Shocking, I know! Anyhow, good purchase on our part i guess.

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