Friday, April 10, 2009

May visits from Thailand!

In 1998 I spent a semester in Asia, much of the time in Thailand. There, I became friends with a few local students, including May. We recently reconnected via Facebook and she happened to have a job interview in Chicago coming up. So a dinner reunion was set for last night. This was her first trip to the U.S., so what do you get someone as a welcome gift to this country? I settled on an Obama t-shirt. I recalled her sending congratulations messages on election night, and of course, what is one thing I'm finally proud of from this country? Obama! Still chokes me up. Really, I get tears in my eyes every time I think about it, and it's been 5 months since he was elected!
We met up at Lulas, a restaurant in my neighborhood that is a favorite of ours, along with 4 other people, including Jason and another person I spent time in Asia with. I have a link to Lulas in my Food section, but just in case,
It was a great evening, and she was ecstatic about her gift! (yay!)

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