Thursday, April 23, 2009

I won something finally!

I visit 'Joy the Baker''s blog every now and then, and saw she was having a give away for a fed exed box of chocolate chip cookies. All I had to do was list my favorite things. There were tons of people who posted(651 to be exact) so I never dreamed I'd get picked for the 3 winners.
I never win anything (except once, a turkey, because I called into our local radio station, Isle 95, and gobbled like a turkey on air....I think i was in 8th grade)!
Here's my list of favorite things I posted on her site, and others:

1. Eating coconut cream out of the can. I always leave some in the can when cooking so i can have spoonfuls of treats for the weeks ahead!
2. Fresh mangoes from a tree
3. The feel of hot sand in between my toes
4. Listening to my cats “talk” to me with their communicative chirps and growls.
5. Seeing my husbands face after a satisfying meal I have cooked for him.
6. Chocolate chip cookies! (Especially from you, i bet?). Anything sweet and delicious actually.
7. Coming home with “kids say the darndest things” stories when i teach art.
8. Looking through blogs and getting a taste of other peoples lives.
9. Wearing flip flops, knowing there’s no chance of it being cold outside!
10. Getting a new book in the mail.

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