Friday, April 10, 2009


I spoiled myself for a few minutes yesterday and dropped in on a new Ice Cream shop in Bucktown. "iCream" is the They set it up to look like a laboratory, where you can design your own ice cream. Syringes don the walls, and the makers use them to shoot various flavors into the concoction you have requested. My request: Burnt Sugar ice cream with fresh mango topping. It's a new shop, so is very popular:crowded. They kept apologizing for the wait because they were "down one man" that day. Off yesterday from a job, I had nowhere to be, so people watched and dreamed of what flavors awaited my taste buds. My 20 minute wait was wellllllll worth it. I devoured my treat and I highly reccomend a visit! The ploy is that they hand make the ice cream on the spot. You see clouds of frozen air billowing from the electric's kind of magical.

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