Monday, April 6, 2009

I am now a Water Sampler

On Friday I went to a full day of training to work for the Public Health department at University of Illinois. I learned about testing water for PH and conductivity, and met an array of interesting people. I was the only team member with out my Masters in Public Health, or in the process of getting one. There's a guy who tests for parasites in animal feces, on a night shift; a woman who takes seasonal environmental jobs around the country, most recently studying Moose on an island in Lake Superior; and then a few students doing this study for their Thesis research. I'm excited to talk more with everyone else. I think this will make for an interesting part time/or full time(I might have the chance to be trained for some other lab jobs they have available....yes, Art Teacher in a science lab= crazy!....maybe i'll get some lesson ideas??) until I get the Art Teacher job I eagerly await!

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