Friday, May 1, 2009

Our 1 year anniversary is in about a month

English peas pureed into a fun design, with prosciutto powder and radishes, at Avenues.

Les Nomades, tucked away into an old Chicago mansion.

Smith and Wollensky, lit up on the river.
Otom's "Bacon and Egg Cocktail"

So, I emailed Jason a list of restaurants I really want to go to, with the option that if he has a better place or idea, then by all means to go with that. I love surprises. But I've also always wanted to try out these restaurants.
Avenues, Otom, Les Nomades, and Smith and Wollensky(not as foodie as the 1st 3, but it's a chicago favorite on the river...i always thought it looked pretty swanky.)
Anyone been to any great chicago restaurants lately?

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