Thursday, June 11, 2009

Our 1 YEAR anniversary was on Monday!

We celebrated our 1 year anniversary by waking up monday and exchanging gifts before I fell back into my sick coma and Jason went to work. When Jason got home we ordered take out and dug our cake from the back of our freezer to devour. I then, fell back into my delirium of sleep. Tuesday we were supposed to go to dinner at a surprise location chosen by Jason, but i was way too sick, and wouldn't have appreciated a lovely dinner. SO, we are going tonight!
The gifts! I love throwing symbolism into gift giving. I knew I wanted to get Jason artwork. First year of marriage is "Paper", so artwork on paper. I went to, thinking i might be able to find something affordable. I hunted for a few key words, with "original" attached because I didnt want a print or mass market piece. I hunted for a while and finally came upon this local Chicago artist, Laura Prentice.
I chose the above artwork because it looks a lot like the street we live on now, during our 1st year of marriage. Jason got me earrings, single thread of gold drops, that he said symbolizes single, meaning 1 year of marriage. :)

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  1. Sweet! Happy First Anniversary! Every day this coming year will be an anniversary of your first year together. Wishing you much love...