Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Enjoying mussels and wine at Trattoria
The Grafton

I've been away! East Coast trip. Thoughts:
Boston finally won my heart, after 4 other trips. Never liked it before...maybe it's because i'm older?
In Boston we ate lunch in Little Italy at Trattoria Il Panino,
We were on the hunt for some East Coast pizza, but fell in love with the cute patio at this spot. We shared mussels and a simple prosciutto pasta that was obviously home made(the pasta). They served a refreshing Lemoncello complimentary at the end of the meal.

On our last day before our flight we had brunch at The Grafton, It was ok. Great people watching spot! We went for the outdoor patio. They only put 3 rasberries on my "Berry Pancakes". I felt jipped! Jason had tasty smoked trout.

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